Telemedicine prescriptions


Telemedicine is a groundbreaking solution that has revolutionised how people access medical services. It provides a convenient and efficient way to receive medical care remotely. At Medics, we’re committed to harnessing the power of telemedicine to provide streamlined prescription services that prioritise your health and well-being. Our innovative approach transforms healthcare accessibility while ensuring seamless telehealth prescription management for patients across Australia.


Who Are We?

At Medics, we take pride in our team of dedicated and experienced Australian registered doctors who are committed to delivering high-quality medical services online. Our doctors are fully qualified, licensed, and registered with the Australian Medical Board, ensuring you receive the best care and attention no matter where you are. With a patient-centred approach, we strive to exceed expectations and deliver personalised healthcare solutions tailored to your needs. We always strive to uphold the utmost professionalism and integrity in all of our dealings, as our unwavering dedication to excellence propels us forward.


Telemedicine Prescriptions

Telemedicine prescriptions represent a modern approach to healthcare delivery, offering patients the convenience of obtaining prescriptions online without needing in-person appointments. Through our telemedicine platform, patients can consult with our medical professionals using their mobile phones or computers, making accessing the medications they need more accessible than ever. Our telemedicine prescriptions simplify prescription renewals, allowing patients to manage their healthcare needs at home.

Advantages of Telemedicine Prescriptions

Advantages of telemedicine prescriptions with Medics include streamlined convenience, enhanced privacy and security, timely service, and accessibility from anywhere in Australia:


Say goodbye to long waiting room queues and tedious appointment scheduling. With telemedicine prescriptions, you can renew your medications from the comfort of your own home or office, saving you valuable time and hassle. It’s pretty effortless to schedule appointments and get medical assistance on our platform, no matter where or when you need it.

Timely Service:

Our goal is to provide you with prompt and efficient medical care. You can expect timely prescription renewals with our telemedicine prescriptions, ensuring you never run out of essential medications. Our experienced doctors are dedicated to delivering timely and effective healthcare solutions, helping you manage your health with confidence and peace of mind


Our telemedicine services are available across Australia, allowing you to access healthcare from anywhere, whether at home, work, or even on holiday. You can connect with our medical professionals and receive the needed prescriptions with just a few clicks. Our accessible platform ensures that patients from all walks of life can benefit from convenient and reliable healthcare services

How to Get a Prescription Online?

At Medics, accessing healthcare is simple and efficient. 

  • Start by booking an appointment with our Australian doctors through HotDoc. 
  • Once booked, you’ll receive confirmation details via email or SMS. 
  • Call your doctor via phone at your scheduled time for your consultation. 
  • After the session, online telehealth prescriptions are conveniently sent to your phone via SMS, while medical certificates are promptly emailed. 

With Medics, you experience personalised care, streamlined processes, and the assurance of connecting with qualified professionals. It’s healthcare made easy, ensuring you get the attention and prescriptions you need without the hassle or delay. 

Why Choose Us?

Our team of doctors is accredited by the Australian Medical Board, giving you peace of mind about the quality of care you’ll receive. With extensive experience and expertise, our doctors are committed to delivering personalised healthcare solutions that meet your individual needs

Our platform boasts a diverse team of healthcare professionals, including doctors, specialists, and consultants, ensuring you receive holistic and multidisciplinary care tailored to your needs

 We use the most recent developments in telemedicine technology to deliver seamless virtual consultations and prescription telehealth management, enhancing your healthcare experience with convenience and efficiency.

Our proactive approach to healthcare empowers you with personalised treatment plans, preventive care strategies, and ongoing support, promoting long-term wellness and vitality.

We prioritise your individual preferences, concerns, and goals, fostering a collaborative and patient-centred care environment where your voice matters and your needs are heard and addressed


Telemedicine prescriptions offered by Medics represent a modern and convenient approach to healthcare delivery. With our team of qualified doctors, secure telemedicine platform, and commitment to excellence, we strive to provide you with the best possible care whenever and wherever you need it. Choose Medics for your telemedicine prescription needs and experience healthcare on your terms.